Swiss Privacy and Security for Data and Communications


Sekur Encrypts All Your Communications and does not collect or sell your data. Privacy and Security are our main priorities!

Sekur® is a Swiss secure communications application offering secure and private voice messages, chat, self deleting chat, file transfer and email via any mobile device, tablet or desktop.

All data traffic is hosted in Switzerland using military grade encryption and benefiting from Swiss Privacy Laws. Sekur® users can communicate with other Sekur® users.

You can either use the Sekur® web site as your full-featured communications tool or download our Sekur® iOS and Android application. None of the data resides on your device.

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About Sekur Private Data

Sekur Private Data Ltd. is a cybersecurity and Internet privacy provider of Swiss hosted solutions for secure and private communications. The Company distributes a suite of encrypted e-mails, secure messengers and secure communication tools. Sekur Private Data Ltd. sells its products through its own website,, approved distributors and telecommunications companies worldwide. Sekur Private Data Ltd. serves consumers, businesses and governments worldwide.